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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Drunken Scapegoat of Justice -or- More ev. for my last post

The will of the people was dealt a crushing blow today. The Supreme Court of Louisiana saw fit to remove District Judge Monty L. Doggett from the bench even though he had been twice elected by his constituency. The Court justified its petty tyranny with accusations that the Judge was a raging alcoholic.

Sure Judge Dogget may have issued arrest warrants when he was too drunk to read them. He may have even sometimes been so intoxicated that court had to be canceled. Hell, he once may have had to be carried out of his courtroom by deputies. But we've all been there at one time or another, have'nt we? The fact remains that the people declared that they thought this man was the best person to administer justice in their district, in spite of being a drooling alcy.

Sounds like the people of New Orleans are a little bit more enlightened about the real value of the justice system. That or just a hell of a lot drunker. I'm thinking just drunker.


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